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If someone told you that you could save money when purchasing office furniture online, would you be interested? Here are five quick tips that can help you right now. Buy Bulk or in Large Quantities It’s pretty safe to assume that when you need to change your company’s...
20 Ergonomic Tips for Office Work
Did you like our series of ergonomic tips for the office published on our Twitter account in January? Here is a compilation of the complete list of "20 daily ergonomic...
Move freely with the new Spree ergonomic chair!
Discover Global’s remarkable Spree office chair, the latest hit from the largest manufacturer of office furniture in Canada! Launching a new ergonomic office chair is always an important event for a...
Sit Stand height desks product review – Pro and Cons
Alternate between sitting and standing work regularly and feel like you have made a sustained physical activity. Live healthy and work better now. To get started, see the options available...
How to properly use a flat-screen monitor arm at the office
These past years, flat-screen computer monitors have become the ergonomic standard for computer work in the workplace and the home office. Not only does a flat-screen monitor add style to a workstation...
Listening to music at work? A very good idea!
Who doesn't love music? Everyone recognizes its beneficial effects no matter where you listen to it. However, integrating music in a work environment is far from obvious and can even...
Does your reception area do justice to your corporate image?
We all understand the importance for a person to create a good first impression to start a business relation off on the right foot. The same goes for companies welcoming...
Precautions for problem-free delivery
Here are some tips to help you determine if your workspace will easily accommodate your new furniture. For example, will there be enough space? How accessible is the space? A...
Table soccer at work, a good idea to motivate employees?
Installing games at the office can be considered an effective business practice to motivate employees. How can anyone be against the idea of having fun at work? It is not...

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