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Our bodies are designed to move, walk, run and bend. They’re definitely not made to remain seated for hours at a time. Any yet, that’s how we spend most of our days. We pay a high price for our sedentary lifestyle, which has an impact over the long term. Have you ever thought about standing...
Choosing an office chair with a headrest? Why not!
Given the proliferation of office chair models with headrests, customers looking for an ergonomic office chair are increasingly asking themselves the question: Do I really need a headrest? A simple question......
What is ergonomic office furniture?
Today I would like to demystify the subject of ergonomics. We often get this question, so the start of the new year is a good opportunity to get to the...
The G20 ergonomic chair from Global
A few weeks ago I told you about Smart’s amazing ergonomic office chair, which really impressed me. But before I even tried the Smart chair, I’d fallen in love with...
Telework: the 10 essentials of the home office
Congested roads and bridges, closed schools, the vagaries of the weather and road construction! In Toronto & GTA, Calgary, Vancouver or other cities, inevitably the ordeal of commuting leads to...
How to find quality furniture? Look for certifications!
  Office furniture can be a major expense for most businesses. You want to buy the best to ensure your employees’ comfort and safety while making the smartest possible investment. How...
Fireproof Filing Cabinets: making the right choice
Are you thinking of buying a fire-resistant filing cabinet for the office or the home? A great idea! Here are some practical tips to ensure that your purchase provides...
Black Friday and Cyber Monday super deals on Humanscale products
The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping phenomenons are spreading north of the border into Canada! Those two days of retail madness mark the unofficial start of the holiday...
Trends for Christmas 2013: Gift suggestions for the office
Christmas festivities will be fast upon us – time already to think about what to put under the tree! As an employer, you're probably looking for ideas to thank your employees...

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