Our bodies are designed to move, walk, run and bend. They’re definitely not made to remain seated for hours at a time. Any yet, that’s how we spend most of our days. We pay a high price for our sedentary lifestyle, which has an impact over the long term. Have you ever thought about standing while you work at your desk?

10 main benefits of working in a standing position

  • 1 - More calories burned
  • 2 - Increased blood flow (better oxygen delivery to the body)
  • 3 - Toned muscles
  • 4 - Tension relieved in your body
  • 5 - Less time spent in positions that are harmful over the long term
  • 6 - Better metabolism
  • 7 - Greater alertness
  • 8 - Improved concentration
  • 9 - Higher productivity
  • 10 - More energy

Easier said than done? Not any more!

When you think about standing while you work, you may be worried that it would be too complicated to change your work environment or that raising and lowering your desk will be a hassle. As far as your employer is concerned, the main issue is probably the cost of those changes.

The good news is it’s getting easier to work in a standing position! Various height adjustable tables (also known as floating or standing desks) now have easy-to-use mechanisms. The Float table from Humanscale is a great example. It features an integrated counterbalance weight adjustment system under the work surface. If you’re looking for a more budget-conscious option, you should check out the Sierra and Proliftix tables from Workrite.

 If you add a flat screen monitor arm and keyboard drawer to your table, you'll have a full-fledged ergonomic desk that gives you all the related health benefits!

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