The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping phenomenons are spreading north of the border into Canada! Those two days of retail madness mark the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. On your mark, get set, shop! This year for the first time, Ugoburo will be joining in the excitement by teaming up with Humanscale, a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation for high quality ergonomic products and avant-garde design!

The Black Friday is November 29th this year!

The Friday after U.S. Thanksgiving – which has come to be known at Black Friday – kicks off the holiday shopping season in an over-the-top way that only the Americans could have dreamed up. Every year, shoppers show up in droves to take advantage of unbelievable discounts and find THE best deal around. At Ugoburo, we’ll be offering great deals on the entire lineup of Humanscale products!

The day has actually been called Black Friday for quite a while! During the era when accounting records were still kept by hand, negative amounts were written in red ink instead of black. Retailers traditionally operated at a loss up to that point in the year, but sales on the day after Thanksgiving finally lifted them out of the red and into the black! The term Black Friday was born. According to another more modern theory, the name comes from the fact that stores open early in the morning or even at night so customers do their shopping while it’s still dark!

No matter where the name comes from, what’s important to know is that Black Friday is a popular tradition that has spread to retailers in other countries. That includes Ugoburo! Get ready because you won’t want to miss our sale prices on leading products from Humanscale, including their Freedom, Float, World, Smart, Liberty, M2, M8 and other models.

After Black Friday comes Cyber Monday

As shoppers became more comfortable shopping online, it was only a matter of time before they turned to retail websites for their holiday purchases. Retailers were eager to get in on the action, extending the Black Friday in-store experience by featuring unbelievable online bargains on the Monday following Black Friday. Cyber Monday was the result and is still gaining in popularity!

Ugoburo customers can count on big discounts as the holiday shopping season gets underway! Since we’re an online retailer, you can shop whenever you want during the entire weekend. We’re calling it Cyber Weekend! Our first great deals will be posted online at 6 P.M. Thursday Novembre 28th. Be sure to visit for our Black Friday special! Check out what’s happening on our site any time throughout the weekend until Monday, December 2nd. You’ll discover amazing online deals!