Given the proliferation of office chair models with headrests, customers looking for an ergonomic office chair are increasingly asking themselves the question: Do I really need a headrest?

A simple question... with a not so simple answer! Despite appearances, it is not easy for an advisor to answer this question. The fact is that the acquisition of an office chair with a headrest generally depends on the personal preferences of the prospective user.

The vast majority of people have probably never had the opportunity to use an office chair with a headrest at work. The value of a headrest becomes apparent when the worker wishes to take a short break between two tasks in their chair, sometimes only for a few seconds by leaning back on it.

headrest becomes a powerful tool to recover

After remaining stuck in the same working position for a long time, an employee will start to feel harmful muscle fatigue. And this is the moment when a headrest becomes a powerful tool to recover!

As comfortable as an office chair with headrest may seem, not everyone feels the need to buy one.

Popular models

However, if you like this type of ergonomic chair with headrest, let me introduce you to our most popular models:

Obusforme 4430


Obusforme 4430

The Global Obusforme 4430 ergonomic chair offers a streamlined headrest fully integrated in the chair backrest.

6200D CXO


CXO 6200d

The spectacular Nightingale 6200D CXO office chair, also available in Intensive version for 24 hour environments, is available with or without headrest.



Freedom Humanscale f21

The Humanscale Freedom office chair is rarely purchased without the headrest, as an inherent part of the design of this world-renowned product. It has the particularity of adjusting automatically as the chair tilts.







Returning to the question that we posed at the beginning: Do I need an office chair with a headrest? If the headrest allows you to quickly recover after performing a difficult task so you can go on to be more productive, there is a good chance that it is what you need!