Piles of documents on desk

Spring cleaning time… at the office!

Spring has finally sprung, bringing gentle sunshine and warmth! The cold, ice, and recent record snowstorm we experienced have now faded into memory, and harsh seasonal conditions have finally given way to milder temperatures. At last, we can look forward to longer daylight hours, open-air lunches on the terrace, and break-time on the green spaces near the office!

There’s no doubt this was an especially tough winter, with many long days spent at work. Sadly, the milder weather and new spring growth have also translated into piles of dusty, haphazard paperwork littering our desks, our filing cabinets, and in extreme cases, even our floors! Thus, spring is the perfect time for a clean-up to discard unwanted items or simply tidy up our work spaces. Cleaning out your office desk is a powerful way to reduce stress and regain your work-day smile!

 Follow these three easy steps for maximum productivity:

1. Start by sorting your papers by importance and urgency. If you haven’t used them in three months or they are no longer a priority, they shouldn’t sit on your desk! To file this type of paperwork, get yourself a filing or lateral cabinet, where it can be out of sight but easily accessible. Store your most important documents in a lockbox under your desk, where they can be retrieved in seconds if needed. You should already feel your stress level dropping!


2. Next, clean out your utility drawers. You’ll probably find all kinds of obsolete technology manuals, cables that don’t fit any of your current smart devices, and maybe even a few snacks well past their expiry dates. If none of these “treasures” have been useful to you in months, chances are they won’t be in the future, either – so store them elsewhere, recycle them, or throw them out. Then give these drawers a thorough cleaning, making sure to retrieve every loose paperclip!


3. Finally, take the time to reorganize your work station and invest in a few high-performance ergonomic accessories. For instance, a monitor arm or keyboard tray can help organize your work space, provide some much-needed extra room, and even improve your posture! Think about how you work, and then tailor your office furniture and ergonomic accessories to your most common tasks. Your body will thank you for the extra care!

Very Clean Desk

 In just a few minutes, you can transform your office environment into a healthier space that’s better suited to comfortable computer work. Get started now – and put a little extra “spring” in your work-day step!