Have you ever bought a work desk or chair and then quickly become disappointed with its overall quality? Whether it’s used in a small business or home office, most “retail market” office furniture is not durable, as evidenced by marks on the work surface, damaged fabric, disintegrating foam in chair armrests, etc.

At Ugoburo, we sell only commercial grade office furniture. In fact, that’s one of the features that set us apart from the major office furniture stores operating in the retail market.

What does “commercial quality” mean and what are the real advantages of buying commercial grade office furniture?

Commercial quality is synonymous with durability

In the office furniture industry, commercial quality refers to products that meet strict standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection.

When you choose commercial quality, you know what kind of office furniture you’re getting:

• Durable

• High performance

• Safe for you

• Safe for the environment

• Covered by a limited lifetime warranty

Most Canadian office furniture manufacturers meet and even surpass the industry's performance standards. The industry produces durable, original and safe products. At Ugoburo, that’s our promise to you for the vast majority of products available from us online.

In other words, commercial quality ensures that your office furniture will perform well and last a long time. Small businesses and self-employed workers should be on the lookout for those features when buying office furniture. That’s what large companies do! Your investment will be much more profitable over the long term if you pay attention to the quality of the products you’re buying!