At first glance, the footrest doesn't seem to be so important for an office worker's comfort. In fact, you don't see them all that often around the office. Nonetheless, despite its simplicity, it is actually a very effective and economical ergonomic accessory. The footrest is a quick and easy way to improve posture and protect the body against possible harm. It is particularly useful for people of smaller stature and those who have difficulty supporting the weight of their legs.

Relief for the legs and protection for the back

The ergonomic footrest helps to reduce pressure under the thighs by raising the feet above the floor. Blood circulation is improved in the legs and feet. Muscles thus receive a better supply of oxygen, reducing fatigue and muscle cramps. The improvement in posture protects the muscles of the lower back against possible inflammation. Given that back problems are the main cause of lost productivity in the office, installation of a footrest must be seriously considered in the organization of an ergonomic workstation.

Good posture


When sitting, with legs resting on the floor, a person's hips should be slightly higher than the level of the knees. If this position is not possible, you can use a footrest, ideally one adjustable in height, to comfortably support the feet at the necessary height. The footrest should be adjusted to reduce the pressure under the thighs caused by the weight of the legs and thus allow better blood circulation.

Movement is good for blood circulation

Certain footrests can tilt or come with massage balls The main advantage of these options is the possibility of movement. By moving the feet from time to time, the user improves blood circulation. This is particularly important when you have to remain sitting for long hours.

The footrest is a simple ergonomic accessory providing significant advantages at a very reasonable price.

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