1- The Executive

From their heights in the corporate hierarchy, the executive spends a good deal of time in meetings and representing the company at public functions. Their office chair must reflect the company’s brand image—and perhaps a little of the luxury commanded by their status.

President Obama comfortably seated in his Global Concorde

Corporate chair

 The Global Concorde  is an extremely comfortable luxury product. It’s a chair for performance when the day’s tasks are lined up, and a chair for recovery when the meeting has gone on too long. The generous padding provides exceptional comfort, and its high back reinforces the user’s executive status. The Concorde office chair by Global, also available in leather, harmonizes wonderfully with the latest in ergonomic trends for the modern office.


2- The Financial Whiz

Working intensely for hour after hour, often over several time zones, the finance professional can’t leave their work station without risking a hit on their investments. They shoulder great responsibility and must keep concentration sharp throughout the day. Their comfort level must remain optimal at all times.

Headrests reduce stress for office workers.

Corporate chair

The t-Centric chair by Ergocentric, with its adjustable headrest, meets the sophisticated needs of financiers. Its aerated-mesh backrest keeps the back fresh in those nail-biting moments. The tilting headrest allows for the teeniest of rests—all the while with eyes never leaving the screen.


3- The Gamer

Modern gamers are constantly sharpening their skills—in their choice of technology and in their choice of equipment. Ergonomic office furniture is no exception. Gamers need a comfortable set-up for those long hours stretched out in front of the computer, and if it looks futuristic enough to impress their virtual friends, well, all the better.

Immersive ergonomic chair for the gamer

Corporate chair

The Emperor chair represents everything that’s great at the crossroads of ergonomics and technology. Inspired by Formula 1 speed cars, the Emperor control centre supports the body in a completely natural way. The structure has been designed to accommodate every piece of computer equipment a gamer might require: CPU, keyboard and mouse, sound system and up to three monitors at a time. Ensconced in such comfort, it’s easy to dream of empire.


4- The Artist

Loving the beautiful, the artist seeks  design-worthy and avant-garde office furniture. The artist loves to stand out and display their good taste. They also love versatility so that they immerse themselves completely in their art, on instruments and on the computer. For the artist, inspiration come by day and by night. Their furniture’s intuitive ergonomics is paramount. 

Music has a positive effect on office workers' productivity.

Corporate chair

The Smart chair by Humanscale Canada is a veritable gem of design and ergonomics. It fits beautifully with every artistic style, thanks to its minimalist design. It’s an accessory to long sessions of creation, in unequalled comfort.


5- The Office Professional

The office professional performs a multitude of task at the office, each as complex as it is varied. The office professional also has an image and a status to promote to their entourage; the office furnishings they choose must correspond to these values.

The Freedom chair is conducive to optimal concentration at work.

Corporate chair

The Freedom chair by Humanscale is a popular choice for the corporate professional. Its modern design impresses from the outset, and its ergonomics elicit top-rate performance.


6- The 9 to 5

Think 9 to 5 and you think of computer work and clerical tasks. It’s the type of work that calls for an ergonomic office chair to reduce the risks of injury caused by performing repetitive tasks. In this case, the  best office chair  would be one that can be purchased in bulk to standardize the office design. The chair’s ergonomic functions must be accessible to workers and simple to use.

The Spree office chair is available in a range of vibrant colours.

Corporate chair