Accessoires ergonomiques de bureau

Did you like our series of ergonomic tips for the office published on our Twitter account in January? Here is a compilation of the complete list of "20 daily ergonomic tips for January". Product shown on this image: the Humanscale Liberty chair , the Float sit stand desk , the Float keyboard support, the M8 monitor arm support with crossbar and the Element incandescent task light .

  1. Place the computer screen at arm's length and at eye level.
  2. Illuminate your documents with a lamp placed opposite the hand you write with.
  3. Center your body relative to the screen, keyboard tray and your documents.
  4. Place the keyboard holder sloping down towards you and keep your wrists and back straight.
  5. Place the mouse close to the keyboard and limit movement of the arm.
  6. Relax the shoulders and keep your arms and elbows close to the body.
  7. Take a 3 minute break per hour of computer work and walk.
  8. Lean against the back of the ergonomic chair and thus reduce the stress on your spine. Try using a headrest.
  9. Place your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest and improve blood circulation in your legs.
  10. Install the CPU under the table and free yourself from the heat and dust it generates.
  11. Notice discomfort and pain at work and take action to relieve it.
  12. Use a quality computer screen. Text characters must be clear and a comfortable size for your eyes.
  13. Using a keyboard, keep the angle at the elbow over 90 degrees to protect your elbows' nerves.
  14. Be sure to support your arms on the armrests of your chair at all times when working at the computer.
  15. Holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder is a very bad habit.
  16. Minimize glare on your screen by not placing it facing a window or a source of intense light.
  17. Place the keyboard tray sloping down towards you to avoid bending the wrist upwards.
  18. One size of desk does not fit all. Not too high (neck pain) or too low (back pain). Try using a standing desk.
  19. Treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel by referring to this short video:
  20. The worst mistake in ergonomics is to do nothing and wait until someone gets hurt before taking action.

By following these simple tips, you can easily improve ergonomics at the office and thus avoid injuries caused by poor posture at work.