Arkitek Executive Suite

At long last, you have reached the highest rung on the corporate ladder, and become your organization’s top executive. The time has come for you to move into the prized “boss’ office” and naturally, you want to make the most of this opportunity. After all, isn’t this the winning attitude that enabled you to achieve this level of excellence?

However, once you notice that the coveted corner suite is a dusty space filled with dated executive furniture from another era, reality sets in. The current décor is neither to your taste nor aligned with your personality, and worst of all, it doesn’t reflect your management style at all!

Neglecting the design or quality of the top executive’s office suite is a definite no-no. As we’ve said before, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression to visitors and business partners, so you must seize it! It’s crucial that upper management chooses executive furnishings that are comfortable and functional, but also reflect the status and high-level issues that will be debated therein. As a result, the space should have a sleek, modern and elegant feel, exude luxurious quality, and be meticulously tailored to the technologies you will use every day.

Within this space, you will make the toughest decisions of your career and chair many crucial meetings, as well as represent your organization to your employees, customers, vendors and other business partners.

Fortunately, you can quickly rectify the situation by replacing the old furniture with a trendy suite that better reflects your brand as a modern, energetic and inclusive leader.

 Alea Executive Suite

An office suite with a modern feel

In considering the design of your new office layout, you should take into account your work style as well as the space available for the new furnishings. Ergonomic accessories will be useful if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer. You must also decide whether you need a separate space for meetings. Choosing the ideal layout is not easy; therefore, enlisting the help of qualified professionals can be the difference-maker between an impressive design and one that will leave others cold.

Height Adjustable Desk Corner 

Height-adjustable desk

No one ever said the life of an executive is relaxing. Work hours are often long and extremely stressful. In these situations, leaders need to be creative and seize every opportunity to stay in shape and be optimally productive. A simple yet highly effective solution to these challenges could be the addition of a height-adjustable desk to your executive work space. Use it as a crucial part of your work station, or even for stand-up meetings!

The advantages of using ergonomic furniture and accessories are well-understood and have now been incorporated into many modern office layouts. As a busy executive, getting onboard with this trend is certain to benefit your long-term health.

 Freedom Chair Headrest

Designer office chairs

Choosing an office chair tailored to the executive role can also be a challenge for newcomers. For example, your selection must reconcile the luxurious look associated with your role with the ergonomic features that best suit the tasks and physical requirements of the position.

In such cases, it’s likely best to take some time to do your research and visit a few showrooms. And to further underscore your executive role, why not add a fine leather head rest and seat cover?

Your office deserves a distinctive design, where the material’s high quality will be obvious. The addition of a modern, designer office chair will add style and panache to your leadership.

 Glass Table Executive Desk

Adding a winning touch to your décor

At first glance, your office suite should immediately impress your visitors as to your status within the company. It should inspire pride and even a touch of envy among your team members, as you are the business’ pre-eminent representative. You worked tirelessly to achieve this level of excellence and fully deserve this royal treatment, reserved exclusively for winners like you!