Installing games at the office can be considered an effective business practice to motivate employees. How can anyone be against the idea of having fun at work? It is not uncommon today to find companies introducing various means of entertainment or relaxation in the office to promote the hiring and retention of office workers. Massages, coffee bar, dry cleaning service, gym, etc. The list is long! 

Is this the best approach? Obviously these ideas should be implemented judiciously and only after careful consideration if you don't want to waste your resources. Indeed, what good will fancy extras achieve at the office if in the first place, you don't have the essentials for a healthy and productive work environment, starting with ergonomic office furniture?

Ergonomic furniture first?

Providing employees with ergonomic, high-performance and attractively designed furniture, chairs and office accessories is coming to be an increasingly popular practice in successful businesses.

Office workers appreciate the sensitivity of their employer in caring for their health and well-being at work. They especially recognize the good judgment of management and the relevance of investment in practical and durable productivity tools.

Natural light and white furniture

Providing access to natural light is another powerful motivator for employees. This is certainly another essential ingredient for a pleasant office life that costs nothing but makes a big difference.

And to amplify the beneficial and energizing effects on employees, why not choose white office furniture? More than just a fashionable office design trend, the use of white office furniture will increase the dispersion of natural light in the workspace in addition to diffusing illumination where there is a scarcity of windows.

Being confined to a poorly lit office space for many hours can have serious negative effects on the engagement of an employee at work.

Access to ergonomic furniture and to a source of natural light are simple and accessible measures suitable for all businesses. Do you think that a table soccer game could be as effective?