Design, ergonomics, color, function and cost - all are important features when it comes to searching and selecting new office furniture. Whether furnishing a home office or multiple workstations in a business working space, you'll have a better experience if you take the time to identify your needs ahead of your search.

Here the types of questions you should consider before looking for new office furniture:

  1. What is my budget for the total project but more specifically allowed for the new furniture?
  2. What is my project timeframe?
  3. What kind of working tasks will ergonomic workstation need to be performing?
  4. Will I be receiving clients or visitors at my workstation?
  5. How many hours per day will I use a computer at the workstation?
  6. Will I work from a flatscreen monitor or a laptop?
  7. How much storage is required inside and outside the workstation? Will I need accessories for filing documents in letter or legal formats, or both? Will the filing system be shared with other employees?
  8. What type of lighting is required for the workstation? Will it be placed on the worksurface or hung from a shelf over the workspace?
  9. What color best suits the work environment?
  10. Do I want a flexible and sturdy furniture that can be easily reconfigured or moved to a different space?

Other Tips

In addition to determining your specific needs, a few broader questions should be considered for a successful office design project. Here are some tips to help you consider the different aspects of designing a workspace:

Manage space efficiently

  • Always consider the space from a user's perspective. Review specific tasks and ergonomic considerations such as storage, workspace usability, lighting and acoustics.
  • Plan to install the workstation in a space large enough for safe movement and comfortable working conditions such as providing an access to natural lighting.
  • Ensure proper access to the delivery site for receiving and installing the new office furniture.

Select durable pieces

  • Consider function and quality before design or colors.
  • Better materials will give you greater flexibility in long-term office design.
  • Boost your confidence in your purchase by ensuring coverage under a reliable warranty.
  • Protect the environment and users from V.O.C.s (volatile organic compounds) emitted by new office furniture by selecting furniture with a GreenGuard certification.

Hire a reliable and efficient supplier

  • Avoid exclusive distributors or made-to-measure solutions.
  • Avoid difficult to install furniture.
  • Look for safe, accessible and user-friendly products.
  • Look for a supplier who will contribute in reducing your office furniture and operational costs.