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What Is the Resimercial Approach to Furniture?

A combination of “Residential” and “Commercial ”

Generally, socializing is discouraged in workplace environments. Why would your boss encourage conversation instead of being focused and productive? Furthermore, how can employees socialize when there is no dedicated space with proper furniture at the office?

It has been proven that socialization and fraternization make staff members build strong, meaningful relationships resulting in better teamwork and collaboration. It has been suggested that creating homelike environments, where we truly enjoy spending time, is a way to accommodate the convenience and the wellbeing of employees. Furniture is the key. Resimercial design, when well executed, can have a positive impact on collaboration, creativity, ideation and overall productivity in the workplace. Furthermore, it increases employee retention, decreasing costly staff turnover. 

The resimercial approach is about comfort and being creative 

The resimercial design brings aspects of the home into the contemporary workspace. Furniture can look like a playful, colourful and creative style or even a warm, clean and fluid work environment. An environment well suited to keep employees onboard, engaged and performing at their best.

The objective here is to make a welcoming, comfortable workspace to spend time in. It is all about the nice, cozy aspect of the space where you will create some lounge spaces with sofas, chairs, soft seats and any other furniture that is going to please employees and give them a homey feeling at the workplace. For example, with different kinds of furniture, you can choose from so many layouts. A little peaceful soft-seating area for someone who is working by himself or another kind of space where people can comfortably collaborate together. By adding a standing desk, some poufs and soft seats every here and there, it will initiate enjoyable business conversations and will encourage a great collaboration between peers.

The resimercial approach is not only for the young people. For instance, a study demonstrates that 58% of the Millennials, 64% of the Generation X and, surprisingly, 59% of the Baby Boomers want an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable workplace¹.

Promoting the wellness and mental health of employees is also one of the essential aspects to consider here since 57% of Millennials want a job that supports better personal well-being.² This less formal environment should be conducive to promoting out-of-the-box thinking and finding creative solutions.

The focus is on ambiance and collaboration in a greater layout featuring ease of movement and interconnection. Adopting modular and flexible furniture offers the comfort of home as well as office functionality. Every single piece of furniture can improve the employee’s mood. Companies that value their employees know that these workplace environments increase creativity, motivation, communication, productivity and collaboration.

Resimercial Pouf

The benefits

Resimercial furniture consists in being a thoughtful blend of informal, residential influences with a more refined aesthetic to suit any type of corporation. It has the benefit of incentivizing employees to spend more time and be more engaged in the workplace.

It is also meant to be inviting and functional which will increase employee retention, productivity, and creativity.

The fundamental thinking behind the resimercial design is that comfortable employees are happier and therefore better employees. Research shows work environments that provide comfort and contribute to feelings of happiness are connected to increased productivity.

Encouraging wellness and mental health is an important part in corporate culture, and that is what resimercial puts front and centre.

Another study reveals that 88% of office professionals said they have their best ideas when they’re working in flexible office designs.³

Besides, it’s a good alternative to compete with working remotely since it becomes more popular. Nowadays, in our business world, more and more people do not have a specifically assigned cubicle. The resimercial approach allows them to feel free to work in many different office setups such as on a couch, at the height-adjustable table, sitting in a bean bag, on a mesh chair or a HAG Capisco chair, and even in a more conventional position. Furniture like poufs, lightning, cushions, throws, and even soft seats, will definitely result in a greater feeling of wellness. It gives to the space the flexibility to be used in different ways. Moreover, people who usually work from home will benefit from an enjoyable work area when assigned at the office.

Resimercial Gus

How to create a resimercial workspace?

When thinking about putting together your resimercial workspace bring in furniture that include homeliness and comfort as well as practicality and durability. Comfort and character are the driving elements in resimercial design. Think warm and inviting with a chic designer feel over the standard corporate furniture.

In order to create this design feeling, take elements of residential design and infuse them into commercial workspaces. Adopt the warmer and more varied lighting found in homes. Lamps are an important element in resimercial workspace. Hang an appealing chandelier or find the perfect desk lamp to diffuse soft light onto the table.

Place a few pillows on the couch or even a nice, colourful throw as great additions in this modern décor. By the same occasion, arranging different types of plants around the workplace will bring in an air of freshness and vitality.

Since flexible work options become more popular, companies have to make their workspace more competitive with an employee’s home. It is proven that 50% of Millennials want flexible working arrangements that allow for some offsite work. ⁴ 

Furthermore, valuing windows with views and natural light is the way to go. The space must include pleasurable elements which will create a welcoming, homelike space for employees and clients alike. Design obviously counts considering the fact that 80% of businesses with less than 100 staff believe office design is critical to retention. ⁵ Textures, colours, plants and lightning are the essence of  the ambiance.