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I recently attended a conference by the manufacturer Humanscale presenting a selection of its ergonomic office furniture, including the new Smart ergonomic chair. At Ugoburo, we had been selling the Smart chair for several weeks already, but I hadn't yet had the opportunity to try it. Between you and me, I was far from convinced of the comfort of an ergonomic chair without manual adjustments! But after the presentation by the ergonomist Adam Labelle, and especially after trying it, I must humbly confess that I was wrong. I can even say that Niels Diffrient, the Smart chair's designer, is a genius! And here is why...

The ultimate simplicity for an ergonomic chair

If like me, you're a little lazy in adjusting your office chair, there is a good chance that the only time you ever made adjustments was the first time you sat on it. Would you be able to tell me the purpose of the different handles under the seat? Personally, I must admit that I didn't read the instruction manual (where did I put it by the way...) that came with my ergonomic office chair, and that I don't really know how to adjust it except by trial and error!

Fortunately, Niels Diffrient must have come across other office workers like you and me, since he has created the most easy-to-adjust office chair in the world. It's not an accident that he named it the "Smart"! The Smart ergonomic office chair has only three little adjustments:

1) Height, a classic

2) Depth, easy to understand

3) Armrest height, simple to adjust

As far as the rest is concerned, the adjustments are made automatically by the chair itself according to the weight of the user and the laws of physics. Why didn't someone think of this before!

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Perfect ergonomics for your health

The importance of a good ergonomic chair is beyond dispute. Working for hours in a seated position can harm the body and your health in the long run. Fortunately every component of the Smart has been ergonomically designed to promote comfort and a better posture at work:

Chair back: However you sit, and even if you keep changing position during the day, the lumbar support will always be perfectly adjusted.

Front of the seat: The seat, made of ultra strong mesh is a special feature of the Smart. There is no rigid frame at the front edge of the seat, under the knees. Support is provided by the strength of the material itself, without blocking circulation in the upper legs, while maintaining excellent comfort.

Reclining: Usually, in an ergonomic chair, the tilt of the backrest depends on various controllers, according to the mechanism (tilt, tension, angle, etc.). These adjustments must therefore be adapted each time you change your working position. Obviously, not many people actually do it... The Smart ergonomic chair possesses a mechanism that uses the laws of physics and the weight of the user to adjust itself automatically. Long live physics!

Humanscale, the manufacturer confirms that the Smart chair is suitable for all body types (up to 300 lbs, from the smallest to the largest), and it weighs only 25 lbs! Personally I am 5'2" tall and I find the Smart chair particularly comfortable. At the conference, I noticed persons of different body types, and they all appreciated the chair. This allowed me to see the chair in action, how it adjusted itself according to position, weight, posture, etc. Impressive!

The Smart chair can be used as an office chair, and also in meeting rooms.

No instructions, no video, no readjustment, just have a seat! The Smart ergonomic chair is the answer for office workers who, like me, don't always think of adjusting their chair, haven't got around to understanding the mechanism, but still want to be comfortable at work and protect their health!

Have you tried the Smart chair? We would like to have your impression! Leave your comments at the bottom of this page!

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