We all understand the importance for a person to create a good first impression to start a business relation off on the right foot. The same goes for companies welcoming new visitors to their offices. The reception area is thus the perfect place to introduce your corporate image to the outside world.

Based on this idea, the development of a reception area should be the responsibility of a person familiar with the issues related to the management of the company image. For  SMEs conscious of their image but short of resources, here are some simple tips to make your reception area more welcoming:

  • Colours: The choice of colours is definitely a challenge for the uninitiated. Given the low cost for a colour scheme and a professional opinion on the subject by a designer or decorator, we strongly encourage you to do so. However, neutral colours like white, beige, cream or blue-gray reflect light and give the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. These are safe bets for a cool, modern and bright atmosphere.
  • Plants: Plants add to a room's atmosphere in addition to having a relaxing effect on employees and visitors. By their very presence, they reduce stress levels while increasing productivity in the workplace!
  • Reception desks: According to the space to be furnished and the desired style, a reception desk can be straight, curved or angular. The reception desk is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the space to be designed. It should be functional while projecting an image in harmony with that of the company.
  • Chairs and sofas: Opt for chairs and sofas that are comfortable and in sufficient numbers for customers and employees. Be sensitive to the ergonomic needs of the receptionist. Choose an easy-to-maintain fabric, preferably dark-coloured.

 These simple but effective tips will stimulate your thinking in designing your new reception area. Your employees and visitors are sure to appreciate your effort!