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Office Furniture Online Store in Canada | Commercial Quality


Standing Desks – Free Delivery in Canada – starting at $919 !

Stand up at work with an ergonomic height adjustable table! Standing up at work using a height adjustable desks allows for easy and quick healthy postural changes throughout the day. Alternate between sitting and standing and enhance your well-being at work.
Free shipping in Canada - Installation in Toronto - GTA - Ottawa - Montreal – Quebec – Calgary – Edmonton - Vancouver
Ergonomic Chair Selector

Best online selection of ergonomic office chairs in Canada

Are you working long hours sitting on an uncomfortable office chair? Here’s the place to choose your most important work tool: your new ergonomic chair! Find the best ergonomic chair for you, one that will fit both your body and tasks you do.
Free shipping on many chairs - Installation in Toronto - GTA - Ottawa - Montreal – Quebec – Calgary – Edmonton - Vancouver

Ergonomic Office Accessories by Humanscale & Workrite

Each workspace being different, our ergonomic solutions can adapt to both the office worker and the complex tasks to achieve. Discover our selection of ergonomic products by Humanscale & Workrite including keyboard and monitor arms, CPU holders and task lights!
Free shipping - Installation in Toronto - GTA - Ottawa - Montreal – Quebec – Calgary – Edmonton - Vancouver

Desks & Workstations for Private Offices

Zira desks collection
Ionic desks collection
Volt desks collection
Ionic desks collection
Canadian made office furniture suitable for business and computer work. Discover our selection of executive desks, computer desks, L shape desks, U shape desks, corner desks and many other type of worktables for businesses. Office furniture available in multiple wood grains and sizes.
Shipping in Canada - Installation in Toronto - GTA - Ottawa - Montreal – Quebec – Calgary – Edmonton - Vancouver
Launch of the new version of the Ugoburo's website
Supported by our colleagues and friends, we officially launched the new version of our website yesterday night. Sleek design, attractive presentation of our products, simplified online shopping, everything has been...
5 key considerations before buying new office furniture
Not all office desks or chairs are created equal. Consider cars: they all have an engine, tires and seats, but they’re all different. Office or home use? Before you begin your search,...
10 benefits of standing when you work
Our bodies are designed to move, walk, run and bend. They’re definitely not made to remain seated for hours at a time. Any yet, that’s how we spend most of our days. We pay a high price for our sedentary...
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Buy your office furniture online - Fast delivery in Canada : Ottawa, Toronto GTA, Ontario, Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec.
Online Office Furniture in Canada. Office Chairs, Ergonomic Chair, Desks, Adjustable Tables and Office Ergonomic Products.

Online Office Furniture Store in Canada

Ugoburo offers the most effective and secure online office furniture store in Canada. Whether you are purchasing office furniture for an enterprise, furniture for a small company or a home office furniture workstation, on the Ugoburo website, you will find the best selection of office furniture and the most trusted brands in office furniture available online in Canada! We distribute the most distinguished office furniture brands: Global group, Groupe Lacasse, Humanscale, Mayline, Workrite and Gardex.

By buying your office furniture online on the Ugoburo website, you are encouraging a Canadian company dedicated to the office furniture world and offering the widest choice of office furniture from the most reputable Canadian furniture manufacturers and brands. You also avoid the stress of buying office furniture that will have to cross borders. At Ugoburo, you are protected against unpleasant surprises: no customs duties for office furniture, no additional charges or delays because of your new office furniture crossing the border.

Ugoburo is the Canadian leader in the online sale of office furniture. Receive immediate personal advice from our office furniture experts. They are available to help you in real time to ensure a simple and effective office furniture shopping experience, wherever you are in Canada!

Ugoburo is developing a unique service structure for businesses in online office furniture distribution in Canada. Warehouses for the distribution and installation of office furniture and office chairs are currently in place in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Ugoburo’s next expansion for the completion of a national service structure from its current online office furniture operation are now planned for Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Ugoburo’s team is composed of online office furniture experts dedicated to businesses in real time as well as in ergonomic office chairs both in distribution and installation. Businesses from anywhere in Canada can now find commercial quality office furniture and office chairs online. Ugoburo is without a doubt the only office furniture online business in Canada capable to ensure from its online presence a full range of office furniture products and services including installation for any business based in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal , Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

From selecting an office ergonomic chair for yourself or your staff members or evaluating the positive effects on your office productivity and health when buying a height adjustable table or desk within your workspace, our team of furnitures experts are ready to receive your calls, e-mail and online chat from Monday to Friday every week of the year.

Our highly varied office furniture catalogue is designed for small and medium size companies that wish to acquire commercial quality office furniture at affordable prices. Large companies that purchase considerable volumes of office furniture, as well as the self-employed and individuals, can fulfill their needs with a vast choice of office furniture of a quality much superior to that of traditional office furniture retailers.

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To guide you in your choices and answer your questions.

Delivery in canada

The best shipping rates Nationwide. Many products are available to free delivery!

Simplified shopping

Simple and secure transaction, excellent customer service and best prices.

Office furniture online store leader in Canada!

Buy online on Ugoburo’s state-of-the-art e-commerce secure website. Whether you buy for a large company, a small business or a home office, you will find here the best selection of office furniture from among the best selection of recognized office furniture brands available online in Canada!

Among all the great Canadian cities to launch and grow an online office furniture store like Ugoburo like Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver, Montreal was selected as the ideal location for our national operations. Yet both Ugoburo and Montreal combine unique elements into something original and fresh. Montreal brings to the table a rich history in design, architecture, art and science. It is a vibrant city distinguishing itself with its modernity, its people and a unique European touch.

Running a business out of Montreal is also very cost effective allowing us to be even more competitive in the office furniture market with the best online prices in Canada.

As a Canadian leader in the ergonomic office furniture industry, Ugoburo is contributing from Montreal with innovation and online performance in real time nationwide. Montreal and Ugoburo are getting along like none other.

Ugoburo really brings the traditional office furniture industry to the next level. As a pure web player, you can shop from anywhere in Canada on Ugoburo’s office furniture web platform without limitations from Toronto to Calgary and Vancouver. This can’t be done by brick and mortar office furniture dealers mainly located in large cities such as Toronto, GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, Laval, Quebec, Vancouver, Victoria, Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, etc.

Ugoburo leverages the power of technology to democratize the complicated office furniture world in Canada.

The Ugoburo online office furniture store has been designed to offer the best possible web shopping experience:

Buy your new office furniture online today and enjoy the Ugoburo advantage!

Manufacturers : Gardex Global Lacasse Mayline
Ergocentric Gardex (Sécurifort) Global Groupe Lacasse Horizon Humanscale Mayline MWE Lab Nightingale Ugoburo Workrite
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