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A reception suite that delivers a great first impression

In psychology, a “first impression” is defined as the process of forming a strong mental image after encountering another person, object, or situation for the first time. While the specific nature of the impression can vary based on many factors, it is always incredibly powerful. As a result, it’s not surprising that when meeting someone for the first time, both parties put their best foot – and their most charming smiles - forward!

Until recently, few studies had emerged on exactly what happens in our brain when encountering a person or situation for the first time. Today, we know that a handshake is often enough to create a lasting first impression – whether negative or positive. The first few instants of a meeting can be essential, and may even influence (to some extent) our choice of future friendships, our career path, and even our life partner. The popular saying “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” underscores the importance of these initial moments.

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In a professional environment, the reception suite plays a crucial role in the image the company wishes to project to its employees, business partners, clients, and the general public. When you welcome clients at your premises, your reception desk is the first element they see. Although the process is involuntary, visitors will create subconscious judgements in nanoseconds and will forge a lasting first impression of your company.

As a result, when faced with a neglected or unattractive reception area, your visitors may become anxious or negatively disposed towards your company, without exactly understanding why. However, a reception suite that is modern, attractively laid out, and features a consistent colour palette can convey the impression of a prosperous company which they can trust. Therefore, a welcoming, friendly reception desk is crucially important. Your clients and visitors must immediately feel at ease and should never hesitate to approach it.

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Other elements located close to the reception desk should also be carefully considered to ensure visitors form an optimal first impression. Colourful walls, artwork, and designer office furniture are simple but effective ways to ensure your work space glows. The waiting area should be meticulously organized to offer visitors an attentive welcome. Investing in comfortable couches or robustly stuffed, clean armchairs will help ensure an excellent brand image, high comfort, and a warm welcome. Finally, don’t forget to provide magazines or other reading material so visitors can while away their waiting time, and to offer them a drink so they don’t get bored!

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During the initial meeting, first impressions are often lasting ones. A reception suite that appropriately conveys your company’s unique brand is an excellent investment. On one hand, it serves to enhance employee pride and engagement in your business; on the other hand, it will have a strong, positive impact on how your external stakeholders view you.