Height adjustable Float table

The popularity of height adjustable desks (also known as sit stand desks) is on the rise. In addition to their attractive design, they offer obvious ergonomic advantages! Among the many possible standing desks available on the market, the Float table from Humanscale stands out. Simple proof of this fact is the ever increasing popularity of this product on Ugoburo's website!

What explains the Float's great popularity?

1. In a word, its simplicity.

The Float height adjustable table raises and lowers using a unique Humanscale counterbalance mechanism. One-hand height adjustment, using a lever under the table's edge. No need for force, no handle to turn and no electricity required! Simply engage the release, and the mechanism raises or lowers the desk simply and silently.

2. Sleekness of design

The motto of the Humanscale engineers who designed the Float table was simple: "Keep things clean". They wanted to find a way to conceal the complex counterbalance mechanism. Finally reduced to the smallest possible size, it was hidden under the tabletop. No more cylinders obstructing the space for feet or electrical wires that spoil the look.

The Float table frame is made of recyclable steel (available in white, black and silver) and the work surface is available in various colours and sizes to effectively meet all style and usage requirements.

3. An efficient mechanism

The Float standing table offers a height increase of 20 inches and supports 120 lbs of equipment (excluding the weight of the work surface itself). Its unique mechanism is equipped with a safety device that prevents sudden or accidental changes in height. Nonetheless, the Float height adjustment mechanism is the fastest of all the adjustable height tables!

The Humanscale Float table is a top favourite at Ugoburo. And for a limited time, with the purchase of a Float height adjustable table, we offer a free Astra tasklight!

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