chaise ergonomique

Choosing an office chair for yourself or your co-workers is no easy task! We understand completely. How can you shop online and choose the perfect ergonomic chair that suits you best, without seeing it? You know what? To buy online an ergonomic chair is possible, it's even better! Here's why:

Reason #1:
Your choices are limited when you want to try out the chair first

If you go to a retail store or even a specialized distributor to try out office chairs in person, you’ll never have access to the full range of products. Manufacturers are producing hundreds of models and it’s impossible to have them all available in one showroom! You can therefore be sure the selection in a single location won’t be representative of the entire product offering on the market and/or you’ll be limited to the models from only one manufacturer. If you insist on sitting in the chair before making your choice, your options will necessarily be reduced (colours, adjustments, caster types, etc.).

Reason #2:
Sitting in a chair for a few minutes doesn’t mean you’ll like it over the long term

Trying out a chair on the showroom floor for a short time without being in a working position at a desk with a screen and keyboard is a like sitting in a car in the dealer’s showroom without being able to do a test drive. In the store, you may find the chair comfortable but once you’re back in your work environment and spend a few hours working at a computer, you’re ultimately no more likely to be satisfied with that chair than if you bought it online.

It’s even more difficult to select a chair for someone else! Everyone has different tastes and needs based on their height and weight. Even if you decide on a chair that you’ve tried yourself and found comfortable, there’s no guarantee other people will share your opinion.

You therefore need to make sure you have the option of returning the merchandise!

Reason #3:
Even a chair you’ve seen in person may not meet your needs

There’s no doubt it’s reassuring to opt for a chair you found comfortable the first time you sat in it. But can you be sure it meets your needs and suits your body type? Many retail stores offer chairs with a limited number of adjustment options. Those sellers rarely have experts on hand to help you adjust the chair and make an informed decision.

What if you have back or neck pain issues? What if you’re taller, heavier or shorter than average? That doesn’t have to be a problem: chairs are available to meet any of those needs. The best way to choose an office chair is to know what you’re looking for (whether it’s for yourself or your co-workers) and get advice from an expert to help you identify what suits you best.

Catalogues have been around for generations but thanks to online shopping, Ugoburo can offer you the same wide array of choices as a catalogue but as an added benefit, we provide complete information about each product, include ergonomic icons to guide you in how each office chair can be adjusted, give you access to a chair comparison tool, and let you chat in real time with an expert who’ll help you make the best possible choice. Are you ready to shop for a chair that meets your needs? Have a look at our large choice of ergonomic office chairs!

Still not convinced? You definitely want to be sure about your choice! Would a 30-day return policy help you make up your mind? Ugoburo is one of the few retailers to offer you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your chair after you receive it and try it out, simply return it to us in its original packaging in the same condition you received it and we’ll take it back (under certain conditions). Buying an office chair online is much easier and more efficient that you may have thought! Don't you think?