task light

Did you ever think that a task light is an ergonomic accessory? Actually, every employee needs an individual desk lamp they can adjust and aim in the direction required for the task they are performing. The general lighting of an office space, often ceiling neons, provides an overall light for work, but this lighting creates shadows and its brightness is not sufficient to perform certain tasks on paper. Result? You find yourself in an awkward position searching for enough light or you strain your eyes by reading in inadequate light.

What should you consider when buying a desk lamp?

Task lights come in all forms, different heights and many styles, but the key is to pay attention to these criteria:

1- Type of light: light for work should be a warm white similar to outdoor light (3000 to 3500K)

2- Colour rendering: colours illuminated by the desk lamp should be as close as possible to the colours seen outside to avoid confusing the eye.

3- Shadows: there should be only one shadow on the work surface, that generated by the task lamp. Multiple shadows interfere with concentration and reduce the general brightness of the workstation.

4- Brightness adjustment: each employee should have a certain control over the final luminosity of their workspace. A task light should have different brightness levels for optimal adjustment according to the task to be performed.

5- Heat: even with a strong light, the desk lamp should never become hot. You should be able to touch it without problem to adjust it at any time.

6- Base: the base of the desk lamp must be heavy enough to maintain stability whatever the position and height at which you place the light source.

7- Adjustment: your lamp should offer a good height adjustment with smooth movement.

How do you make the best use of a desk lamp?

Adjust the task light to gently illuminate the work surface before you. Place the lamp on the side opposite to the hand you use to write with, in order to avoid shadows from your arm falling on your document. The head of the desk lamp must be higher than your eyes to avoid glare. Avoid as much as possible illuminating your computer screen to minimize reflection.

A work lamp may seem a trivial work accessory, but when used properly, a good task light facilitates work, improves posture, protects the eyes and increases productivity!

Do you have a desk lamp? Are you getting the most from it? Shop you task light now!